History and Background



Sijo Rusty Gray


1989-90 World Heavy Weight GOLD Medalist in the six world Kuo-shu  games, second American  in history to win this fighting champion.

1988 Texas Heavy Weight Martial Arts Champion.
Founder Sil Lum NG Wing Chun Kuen. 53 Dragon Method
World Karate  Hall of Fame
3 Time Kung Fu Master of the Year 1992,1996,1997
Published writer (Inside Kung Fu Magazine)
Tennessee state sport Karate fighting champion 1976
Number 1 rated lightweight sport karate USKA 1978
Lightweight sport karate champion  1976-1982
Promoted by Grand Master Jim Thompson, Jack Lannom , Dr Y.Q. Wong, Dr. John WL NG
to Sijo rank Black sash level 10.2015 Given the title of professor by Si Tai Gung, Glen C Wilson Grand Master of Pai Lum Tao Kempo / Kung fu
2015 Inducted as Pai Lum Tao Pioneer with Grand Masters Mike Crane and Jack H Lannom to Pai Lum Tao HALL OF FAME.
1960 Marine  Combat Judo and boxing
1962 Kempo Karate under William H Chun
1969 Okinawan Karate under Master Leo Weber and  Mr.Phil Whittle.
1972 Pai Lum Kempo Kung Fu  under Grand Master Jack H Lannom
1977 Kempo / Kung FU  Jim Thompson
1978 Sil Lum Kung Fu Wing Chun under John  W. L. NG
Newly formed Gray Dragon White Tiger Martial Arts founder
Sil Lum NG Wing Chun and WA-LU Chaun
Also offering instruction in Shaui Chaio, Chi Kung, Kuo Shu Chineese Kickboxing and Tai Chi Chaun


Si Gung Hal Cassell

President of Gray Dragon Martial Arts Association
Martial Arts experience consist of:
Began training Sep 1977 at age 5
Studied under High level students of Sijo Gray’s
Closed Door Disciple of Sijo Gray
7th level  Black Sash  (Sil Lum Wing Chun Kuen)
Began training in Qi Léi shēng shǒu Chi Kung under Sifu Li Chang Bai Pak Ming , (obtained  7th Level Back Sash), Extensive background training Shaolin  Kempo /Kung Fu / Kickboxing
Private student under founder Sijo L.R. Gray